Prescription Craving Control 2

Prescription Craving Control 2

Cravings can be one of the greatest challenges to sticking to a diet plan or even while trying to maintain weight. Brain chemistry involving dopamine and food-mood reward cycles can make it very difficult to simply break with a strong mindset. DTG has developed a compounded medication called craving control 2, to help break the cycle of emotional eating and food cravings. Patients using CC2 find they are able to better stick to diets during weight loss phases, and able to create new habits and cement behavior changes during maintenance phases.


How Does Prescription Craving Control Work?

The primary active ingredient in Craving Control is 8mg of extended release naltrexone. This is similar in dose to the amount of naltrexone per tablet in the FDA approved weight loss drug Contrave. Naltrexone starts to disrupt the association between food and mood by breaking the reward cycle. This happens because naltrexone is an opioid receptor blocker, so even after eating foods that are craved, there isn’t the same feeling of reward or dopamine rush typically associated with eating craving foods.

Naltrexone has been used for a long time and is safe for most people. Side effects are typically mild and transient with most people able to use it for up to 12 months to break the cycle of stress eating, emotional eating, cravings, eating out of boredom or habit. For many people going through common life stressors of financial challenges, relationship issues or divorce, major job or geographic changes can trigger a reliance on food as a way to manage mood. This is very difficult to break because of feel good neurotransmitters that are release, the brain is on stress induced feedback cycle with food and mood.


Ready to Give Craving Control a Try?

DocTalkGo’s certified medical weight loss doctors prescribe our craving control to patients as part of their medical weight loss plans. Getting started with your own medical weight loss plan is easy – Just call us or send us some information to schedule a virtual or phone evaluation with a doctor. We’ll make your personalized weight loss plan and even put your medication in the mail that day so you can get started as soon as possible. People on opioid pain medications or those with uncontrolled hypertension should avoid this medication, also should also be avoided during use.


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